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In the arid landscape of Southern Nevada, water conservation is not just a buzzword; it’s a crucial necessity. With the decline of Lake Mead, the primary water source for the Las Vegas Valley, the region faces increasing challenges in ensuring a sustainable water supply. One initiative that stands out is the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) Grass Removal Rebate Program. This program encourages homeowners to transform their landscapes and rewards them for doing so. Let’s jump into the details of this program, its benefits, and the steps you can take to earn a big rebate by switching to artificial turf.

Who is Eligible for SNWA’s Grass Removal Rebate?

Here’s the scoop. If you’re a homeowner in Las Vegas, you can earn a big rebate for saying goodbye to your grass and hello to water-smart landscaping. SNWA will pay you $5 per square foot for the first 10,000 square feet of grass you replace. And even after that, you still get $3.50 per square foot. Sweet, right? But, here’s the catch, your project must be completed by 2024.

Qualifying for this rebate is very straightforward. Your property needs to be within the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Basin. Your property should use water from an SNWA agency or groundwater well. The area you want to convert must be a living, maintained lawn or an outdoor water surface that followed the rules when installed. Lastly, the minimum size for your project must be 400 square feet.

Requirements for the Rebate

When you transform your space, SNWA wants to see some green – literally! Your converted area should have at least 50% living plant cover when they mature. They’re all about keeping things looking good, supporting biodiversity, and providing some shade to cool things down. And don’t forget the efficient drip irrigation system and mulch for that finishing touch.

If you’re thinking about going the artificial turf route, you’re in luck! You can count existing plants outside the conversion area to meet that 50% canopy coverage requirement. Smart, huh?

Las Vegas’ Artificial Turf Experts

A before and after artificial turf lawn of a signal family home in Las Vegas. 

In the face of dwindling water resources and the need to save water, the SNWA’s Rebate Program offers an opportunity for homeowners to make a positive change. 

Here’s where Big Bully Turf steps in. They are a locally owned and female-led company that knows the turf game like no other. If you’re considering transforming your outdoor space into a water-efficient, low-maintenance haven, they’ve got you covered.

Not only can they help you with a seamless installation of artificial turf, but they also understand the ins and outs of the rebate process. They can assist you in getting your rebate back quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

As a top turf company in Las Vegas, Big Bully Turf’s expertise is second to none. They’ll turn your vision into a reality with their exceptional skills and commitment to quality.

Ready to take the leap towards a more water-conscious and eco-friendly landscape? Don’t hesitate! Schedule a free consultation with Big Bully Turf today and discover how easy it is to make the switch to artificial turf. Let’s work together to conserve water, transform your property, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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