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Big Bully Turf


The shape of the grass blade impacts how the grass looks, feels and performs.

Our Technology = Your Enjoyment

Our Polar Yarn has been engineered to create a grass blade that is softer and more durable. The pigment in our yarn is used to give our turf a more natural color while reflecting heat away. The shape of the blade along with our custom Flex backing are superior at reducing the overall temperature of the turf making it more enjoyable for your kids and pets.

Our custom PINK Flex backing does not retain heat like traditional black turf backing, actually reflecting heat, keeping the turf up to 15 degrees cooler than traditional turf. Our Flex backing also provides the best drainage in the industry keeping harmful bacteria and mold away. It easily flushes away pet waste keeping odor down and ready to enjoy. Contact us today and find out why we are the most trusted artificial grass company!



The Clear Choice!

We manufacture one million square feet at a time to keep the cost down from having American made turf with the best technology. We worked with the best designers to engineer superior turf.

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