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Learn more about Big Bully Turf and how we introduce your landscaping dreams to our expertise. From our beginnings in Southern California, we’re now taking over Las Vegas.

What Makes Us Different

At Big Bully Turf, it's not just about providing turf; it's about crafting an experience tailored for you. From the bustling city to the serene outskirts, Southern California and Las Vegas are places of contrasts, and the weather? Oh, it's a world of its own. We've understood that and made sure our offerings are not just unique but apt for these climates.

Heat Resistant, Pet Friendly

You see, most turfs can't stand up to the heat and challenges of weather. But our turf? It's different. Our specially designed Polar Flex feature ensures the grass remains cooler, even under that scorching sun. This means no more hot feet when you walk on your lawn during those sunny days! And for those who have furry friends, our turf has a unique drainage system. So, no more stinky smells or wet patches after your pet has had its fun.

Family Focused

Besides our product's fantastic features, our core lies in our approach. Big Bully Turf isn't your run-of-the-mill company. We're a family. Born from a desire to make the turf buying process honest and straightforward, we've molded ourselves around the values that put you at the heart of everything. Led by Carla, a visionary woman, we're not just reshaping how you see turf. We're reshaping how you experience home improvement.

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    Big Bully Turf Owner & Founder

    Carla Arzubiaga's journey started in San Diego but took a significant turn when she realized there was another city that deserves better - Las Vegas. With the unique weather and vibrant energy of California and Las Vegas, we needed a turf solution that matched the spirit of the cities. And who better than someone who's faced the struggles of finding the perfect turf?

    Taking her experiences, challenges, and lessons, Carla laid the foundation for Big Bully Turf. With her at the helm, it wasn't just about providing a product; it was about offering a solution. A solution that every home deserves. As we branched out of San Diego, we took with us our commitment to quality, family values, and the promise to give nothing but the best.

    And now, here we are, ready to transform Southern California and Las Vegas, one backyard at a time.


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    The Best Artificial Turf

    Beautify Your Oasis

    Your home deserves the best, and when it comes to artificial turf, the criteria are exacting. The best artificial turf isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about durability, functionality, and adaptability to extreme desert conditions. It’s about having a lawn that remains verdant under the scorching summer sun, and one that’s cool to the touch even when temperatures soar.

    Keep Cool with Polar Flex

    Big Bully Turf understands these unique demands. Our specially designed turf, complete with the Polar Flex feature, ensures the grass remains cooler than most competitors, providing an oasis feel right in your backyard. Additionally, our turf stands up to wear and tear, remaining plush and green year-round.

    Meet Waffles

    Waffles Fun Facts

    Birthday: 10/10/20
    Hometown: She is a born & raised San Diego girl
    Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls!
    Can’t Live Without: Booty scratches
    Nicknames: Waffs, Waffy, Waffelitos
    Hobbies: Meeting people on walks, napping in the sun, playing at the dog park, going to San Diego breweries, and of course rooting for the Padres!
    Quirks: She loves to sleep under the covers.


    Where To Find Us

    Though we began our adventure in San Diego, we’re now thrilled to also serve the lively community of Las Vegas. If you’re in the area and want to feel the difference with Big Bully Turf, get in touch! Complete the online form or give us a call.

    Let’s Get Landscaping

    Ready for a change? Tired of the same old backyard? Let Big Bully Turf turn your outdoor space into a dream come true. Our family is here to help yours. Call or visit us today. Experience the Big Bully difference!

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