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Woman-Owned Artificial Grass and Turf Service Provider

Woman-Owned Artificial Grass and Turf Service Provider

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Artificial grass and turf are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance, consistent look and feel, and durability in warmer climates. At Big Bully Turf, we specialize in several different artificial landscaping types to help bring out the best in your landscaping. If you are going to be spending a lot of your time in the yard or are looking to make home improvements to increase your home’s value, we can help!

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    How Our Technology Works

    Science & Engineering

    There is a lot of science behind our amazing artificial grass products. We engineered our Polar Yarn to create a softer and more durable grass blade, which optimizes how it looks, feels, and performs over time. We use a pigment that gives our turf a more natural look and feel. This pigment also helps reflect heat, which is huge in the hot climate. Our design with the shape of the blade is complemented by our specialized Flex backing to reduce the surface temperature of the turf, making it more comfortable to walk on for both your kids and pets.

    What’s our Flex backing?

    This custom backing is the bottom layer of our artificial grass/turf and does not retain heat like the standard black backing. The pink backing works to reduce heat by up to 15 degrees cooler. This backing also helps switch moisture drainage, which keeps mold and harmful bacteria from thriving.

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