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Your Personal Putting Green

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Perfect your putt in the privacy of your own backyard.

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Private Golfing in Your Backyard

Golf enthusiasts, imagine the luxury of perfecting your swing in the comfort of your own backyard! At Big Bully Turf, we revolutionize your outdoor space. Let us convert your garden into your personal golf retreat. With our premium putting green installations, upgrade your game while adding elegance to your property.

Steps from Mastery

Every golfer, from seasoned professionals to eager beginners, yearns for a space to refine their game. What if that space is just a few steps away? Our transformative home putting greens cater to golfers across the spectrum. We also beautifully merge functionality with aesthetics.

Tee Time Any Time

As you refine your skills, you also give your outdoor space a touch of luxury that leaves an impression on guests and neighbors alike. No more waiting for your tee time at the golf course. Your personalized putting green beckons at all hours.

More Than a Green Patch: The Benefits of a Putting Green

Big Bully Turf Putting Greens


Step into the realm of luxury and functionality with Big Bully's Putting Green installation services. Our designs exude durability, ensuring you can indulge in endless rounds of practice without a hitch.

“Beauty by
the Yard”

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    Consultation & Design

    We will begin with an in-depth consultation at your property. This step involves understanding your preferences. We'll evaluate the available space and discuss potential designs. Our experts guide you in visualizing the putting green that resonates with your desires.

    Site Preparation

    Once we finalize the design, our team starts the site preparation. This involves clearing the designated area, leveling the ground, and ensuring proper drainage. A well-prepared site is pivotal for the durability and functionality of the putting green.

    Customization & Turf Selection

    Based on your preferences, we help you select the right turf that mimics the feel of a natural grass green. This step ensures that your putting green not only looks authentic but also offers a realistic playing experience.


    Our skilled technicians then lay down the chosen turf meticulously, ensuring every inch is secure and the contours align with the design. We employ advanced techniques to guarantee seamless integration of the putting green with its surroundings.

    Inspection & Testing

    Once installed, our team conducts a rigorous inspection. This ensures every aspect of the green is flawless. We also encourage you to test out the surface so it meets your expectations in terms of playability and aesthetics.

    Post-Installation & Care Guide

    We value the longevity of your investment. As such, before concluding, we provide you with guidance on how to maintain your new golf putting green. This will help ensure it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

    Our Promise To You

    We understand the sanctity of one's home and the trust you place in us. At Big Bully Turf, every putting green installation comes with a commitment to excellence. If any aspect of your installation doesn't meet the agreed standards, our team is on standby to ensure everything is rectified to your satisfaction. Our job is done once you're satisfied.

    Together We Build Dreams

    Next Steps: Unleash Your Backyard's Potential

    Golf, leisure, and luxury, all within your premises. If this resonates with your aspirations, it's time to take the swing. Reach out to Big Bully Turf today. We're excited to transform your space into the golf haven you've always desired!

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