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You’ve made the excellent decision to install artificial turf at your Dallas home. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy year-round activities on your always-green, always-gorgeous lawn. 

However, before you make that final leap, you naturally want to know how long your investment will last. Will you be required to remove everything and start from scratch in just a few years or will the project continue to deliver a high ROI, year after year?

Today, we’re exploring the ins and outs of artificial grass durability and sharing what prospective buyers should know. 

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last? 

There’s no specific timeline that dictates exactly how long your new turf will last. However, as long as homeowners perform proper artificial grass maintenance, most turf lawns will stay in great shape for 15 to 20 years!

This means you could enjoy decades with your new yard before it begins to show signs of wear and tear.

How to Keep Your Turf in Shape

As with most home projects, there are certain steps you can take to improve the longevity of your investment. Before buying artificial grass, it helps to know how you can keep yours looking great for years to come. Some of the steps to remember include:

  • Avoid using forceful pressure when cleaning the turf
  • Avoid harsh cleaning materials such as bleach and detergent
  • Clean up any major spills and pet stains as soon as possible 
  • Avoid smoking too close to your turf to avoid stains and odors
  • Don’t park any vehicles on the turf
  • Put distance between your turf and any backyard fire equipment (e.g. fire pits, grills)

All About Our Warranty

When choosing a landscaping company, be sure to ask about their artificial grass warranty! At Big Bully, we offer a 25-year warranty on our materials and a four-year warranty on all labor. This assurance can give you much-needed peace of mind as you move forward. 

If any area of your turf substantially changes during your warranty period, we’ll replace that spot minus the cost of installation. Our team of experts ensures that your artificial turf will be devoid of defects at the time of initial installation, and we’re here to keep it looking its best. 

While the color of your turf might change slightly over time, more distinguishable differences may qualify for a claim.  

Discover More About Artificial Grass Durability

You already know that artificial turf looks beautiful and performs wonderfully. However, is it long-lasting?

If you’ve wondered about artificial grass durability, the short answer is that it’s rugged and tough as long as it’s properly maintained! With just a few steps, you can keep yours in excellent condition for many years to come. The key is knowing which steps to take and which to avoid. 

Looking for a team to help you transform your lawn into the outdoor space of your dreams? Big Bully is a family-focused company that specializes in heat-resistant, pet-friendly turf that performs as good as it looks. Book an appointment with us today to learn more and schedule a service!