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Many homeowners pay up to $400 monthly for their lawn maintenance. Luckily, this fee is easy to avoid when you install artificial grass as an alternative to a traditional yard.

Here, we’re going to talk about these landscaping options and how much money you can save when you choose them. Read on to learn the ins and outs of artificial turf cost in Dallas.

The Basics of Artificial Turf Cost in Dallas

On average, artificial grass usually costs anywhere between $5.45 and $20 per square foot. The cost for artificial turf is determined by the quality of the turf and the complexity of the project

Factors Impacting Cost

There are several factors impacting how much you’ll need to pay for artificial grass. More square footage will obviously cost more, but curved yards or those with slopes require higher installation fees since they’re more challenging to work with.

You can also choose between different backings with varying costs. Options include:

  • Versatile polymer urethane backings for stable protection against hot Texas weather
  • Anti-microbial backings that resist mold, bacteria, and other potentially hazardous germs
  • Secondary backings that add a second polypropylene layer beneath the main backing

Different turf types also can alter the price. A nylon turf lawn is more expensive than one made from less durable or less realistic plastic.

How Does This Save You Money?

It’s true that artificial turf costs more upfront than installing grass seed would. However, since it has a 25+ year lifespan, it costs very little in the long run. It also looks consistently great, meaning that your property value will remain high over time.

Fewer Landscaping Costs

Synthetic grass also doesn’t grow and requires very little maintenance. You won’t need to DIY anything or be worried about not meeting local regulations and ordinances.

You won’t need to invest in landscaping projects because the turf never needs to be cut or trimmed. This will save you anywhere between $1260 and $6028 annually. Multiply that by 25 years and you’ll save at least $31,500 over the course of your artificial grass lifetime.

dogs and pets love the feel of artificial grass

Water Conservation

You also save money because you don’t need to water the grass. About 50% of the average family’s water bill goes toward maintaining their lawn, and synthetic grass can save up to 55 gallons of water per square foot. This is an eco-friendly alternative that can save you a lot of cash.


Unlike other landscaping options, expert-installed artificial grass also comes with a 25-year warranty. If any problems arise beyond normal wear and tear, Big Bully Turf will rectify the issue so that your yard stays in top shape.

The higher installation fees pay for themselves and more!

Install Artificial Grass the Right Way

Now that you know all about artificial turf cost in Dallas, it’s time to begin upgrading your property’s aesthetic and value. At Big Bully Turf, we’re committed to helping you install synthetic grass across the entirety of your outdoor space.

All of our products are made with quality materials and last for decades, so you’ll know that you’re getting great value. Book an appointment with our team to discuss your needs, create a plan, and get a quote.