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Big Bully Turf

Orange County

Revolutionize Your Landscape

With Vibrant Artificial Grass in Orange County

Experience Unmatched Aesthetics and Ease With Our Orange County Artificial Grass Solutions.

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Enjoy Gorgeous Green Lawns Throughout Every Season

Frustrated with keeping your yard looking presentable despite the changing seasons? Those days are gone - our groundbreaking artificial turf offers the delight of continuous, evergreen splendor. Delight in the vivid, lush expanse of your lawn regardless of the weather, while saying farewell to unsightly patches and high maintenance.

The days of embarrassing holes, brown patches, and tiresome maintenance are gone. Initiate your journey with a cost-free consultation by completing our form or giving us a call today.

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Impeccable Lawns Thanks to Our Timeless Evergreen Solutions

Artificial Grass Installation

Elevate your outdoor area with our artificial grass installation. Our adept team ensures every blade is strategically placed to create a natural aesthetic. Swap the burdens of mowing and maintenance for an evergreen landscape that remains presentable year-round.


Complement your artificial turf’s elegance with our hardscape solutions. We specialize in crafting amazing walkways, patios, and more outdoor living hardscapes that seamlessly blend with your surroundings. Combining function and beauty, our designs will elevate your outdoor ambiance and enhance the appeal of your outdoor environment.

Putting Green

Unlock your inner golfer through our putting green service. Experience a relaxing golf course in your backyard with a professional-grade surface to practice on. Our design and installation expertise creates greens that challenge and thrill golfers of all levels.

Pet Turf

Forge a pet-friendly oasis with our tailored pet turf solutions. Engineered to endure playful paws, our pet turn offers a durable, comfortable surface for your four-legged companions. Embrace a low-maintenance, pet-safe haven great for your furry friends to run through freely.

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Achieve Your Perfect Lawn In Three Easy Steps


Start With a Free Consultation

Begin the journey to a pristine lawn with a no-cost consultation. Our specialists collaborate with you to understand your ideas, space, and preferences. We'll assist you with everything from specific questions to advising you on potential designs.

Installation Day

On installation day, our adept team brings your aspirations of a lush green lawn to life. We place each grass blade with precision and skilled handling, ensuring your lawn offers years of beauty.

Relax in Eternal Green Splendor

Step onto your artificial turf and relish the sensation of a perpetual green retreat. Take the time to unwind or invite friends and family over, confident that your synthetic turf is designed to endure.

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